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Hoarding Clean up Process

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The hoarding clean up process is a mystery to many people. Few must personally deal with such circumstances and even fewer are able to do a house hoarding clean out rehab. Often times, the situation is simply overwhelming and incomprehensible. This is why it's best to hire a professional hoarding clean out service. But, it's equally important to know what to expect when the team arrives to tackle the job.

What's Involved in a Hoarding Clean Up Process

If you know a few insider hoarding cleanup tips, you'll be able to avoid being a liability and more of a productive asset. Understand this is a professional service and its purpose is to clean out the residence so it can then be repaired, deep cleaned, disinfected, and rehabilitated. Depending on the severity of the situation, this will take a substantial amount of commitment. Dealing with a hoarder will be difficult enough and the hoarding cleanup process adds to the stress.

Homes are completely packed that their owners can't cook in their kitchens because every surface-is covered, can't sleep in their beds, can't have visitors and often lose spouses and children because of the appalling living conditions. Safety issues in the home can include creating fire hazards, falls (especially for older adults), unsanitary conditions and the danger of clutter piles falling on family members. --The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The hoarding clean up process is a challenging one because no one really knows what to expect. Although generally, newspaper, household goods containers, boxes, and like items are commonly hoarded, the mess could well include much more. And, if there are numerous animals involved, that will change at-least part of the process. Here is some helpful information about what's involved in a hoarding clean up process:

  • Initial assessment and evaluation. The service will arrive with all the necessary equipment and ready to work. But first, an initial assessment and evaluation will be necessary to determine the extent of the circumstances and how much is involved. This will also help to determine an approximate timeframe, as well as the fundamental approach.
  • Create a workable actionable plan. Next, the professional hoarding clean out service will formulate an actionable plan. Generally, it's best to concentrate on one room at a time, but there are plenty of instances when this will be altered. The reason for a one room a time approach is to more quickly move from one to another. However, this might not be the best choice.
  • Assign responsibilities to the team. Each team member will be assigned responsibilities based on his or her experience and skill set. For instance, a team member might use a specific piece of equipment. All responsibilities will be delegated for best efficiency.
  • Start the hoarding clean up process. After the assessment, action plan, and responsibilities are assigned, the actual hoarding clean up process will begin. At this juncture, things will start moving and you'll witness a real transformation. It's also the time when any surprises will be uncovered but don't worry, this is what the hoarding clean up service is for.
  • Organize salvageable items and haul junk away. If there are any salvageable items in the house, this will be set aside and organized. The rest, all the junk garbage, will be hauled away so the cleaning process and eventual repair and rehab can begin.

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