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Here's How to Do a Diablo Storage Unit Cleanout and Make Money

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Storage unit cleanout. Three little words which can easily discourage anyone who rents storage space. Now the lease is coming to an end (or you're moving or just want to reduce your expenses), it's time for a serious storage space cleanout. But, you're not motivated and that's completely understandable. It's hard work and what's more, you don't even exactly know what's inside. However, if you could put some money in your pocket, that might well be enough to get you in the mood.

Storage Unit Cleanout Do’s and Don’ts

When it's time for self storage cleanout, you want to work as efficiently as possible. Additionally, you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises. So, when you start the cleanout, do take everything out. By doing this, it motivates you to purge because it's less work. Also, take the time to sweep the space clean and do not leave anything behind. If you do, you might violate the terms of the lease.

From the day you move your belongings into self-storage and sign the lease, a lien is in place against those items, according to Scott Zucker, an Atlanta attorney who specializes in self-storage matters. That lien lets the storage facility sell your unit’s contents to recoup what it’s owed if you don’t pay the rent. The facility can’t hold an auction right away, though. Every state has different self-storage lien laws in place but most follow a similar timeline.

Also, you should alert the facility to your intentions to quit the lease before it's time to renew. If you don't, you might get caught off guard. Furthermore, pick weekend and check the forecast. This way, you can work uninterrupted and clear out the space entirely.

Here's How to Do a Diablo Storage Unit Cleanout and Make Money

Now, let's get to the money-making part. Here's how to do a storage unit cleanout and put some cash in your pocket while you're at it:

  • Organize everything. Organization is key because you've simply got to know what you're dealing with in the first place. Pull every item out and make a list of what's there. Then, you can easily decide what you'll keep and what can go.
  • Price all the items. Next, you can put a price tag on each item you're selling. Do a little research to find their values and then price them cheaply to get them to sell quickly.
  • Advertise far and wide. When you're ready, you can then advertise. Publish online ads and tack up signs nearby the facility. You can also spread the word through social media.
  • Host your storage unit sale. Start the sale as early in the day as possible. When it's down to the last few items, reduce the prices. Or, if necessary, give the rest away.

When you’re done, you can offload any remaining junk by phoning 800-737-5923 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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