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Hemet French Door Removal Guide

2020-01-03 By Admin

[caption id="attachment_52410" align="alignleft" width="300"]French door removal Credit: Chris Kelly / Flickr / Creative Commons[/caption]French door removal isn’t too difficult a project. These popular, open light fixtures allow the rays to shine through into the interior of a home, giving residents an unobstructed view of the beauty of the outdoors. Unfortunately, French doors are among the most inefficient energy areas of a house.

About French Doors

Eventually, years of use and exposure to the outside elements is enough. After a long period of time, sliding doors become difficult to open and close. And, if a pane of glass breaks in a French door, that’s usually the end of the road for the fixture.

French doors in a home are a popular and attractive architectural feature. Sometimes, however, they need to be removed. This could be so they can be replaced, painted or repaired.

French door replacement help to exude elegance and top the list when it comes to enhancing a room’s charm. These are perfect replacements for old ones.

Hemet French Door Removal Guide

Now, as for how to remove the old French doors, you’ll just need to do the following things:

  • Put down drop cloths and create a plastic barrier. When you remove the old doors, it’s likely a lot of dust will fly about. Put down drop cloths and use plastic to cover nearby furniture.
  • Remove the interior trim casing. The interior trim casing will need to go first. Even if you don’t want to take it down, it will get in the way. So, start by removing the interior trim casing from the fixture and stack it neatly in a pile where it’s out-of-the-way.
  • Remove the two doors, one-by-one. After removing the first door from the hinges, go ahead and take out the other door. Then, the frame will be fully exposed and easier to access to take it out.
  • Remove the old door frame. The frame will be likely be screwed to the walls, the top and bottom of the rough opening. Unfasten the bottom first, the sides second, and the top last. You can then pry the frame out of the rough opening.
  • Pry the exterior trim away, then cut the jamb. Remove the exterior trim from the framing and then cut the jamb out. Then take the door frame out of the rough opening to finish the job up.

After removing the French doors, you can dispose of the materials just by phoning 800-433-1094 or visit Junk Garbage Removal. We can help with all types of construction and remodeling debris removal, big or small.

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