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DIY Attic Cleanout Guide for Holister Residents

2019-04-03 By Admin

DIY attic cleanoutDIY attic cleanout. Talk about a boring, laborious chore. Sure, it’s not exciting. And, it’s not something that totally transforms a home. But, it’s time. That attic is full of clutter. It’s stuffed with boxes galore and all sorts of knickknacks, furniture, and whatnot, that you couldn’t name more than a few items. Of course, this isn’t something most people relish but it’s got to finally be done. After all, there’s a lot of usable storage space and it’s worthwhile to recapture it.

What to Know about Attic Cleanout

If you’re handy enough, you can convert your attic into livable square footage. At the very least, you can arrange and organize it into a useful storage space. The trick is to maximize what’s available while not going overboard. Though a converted attic can be a great resale feature, some people prefer it to remain as a storage space.

No one ever said getting rid of clutter is easy. It takes time, effort, and sometimes an emotional toll. Sentimental clutter often can be the most difficult to part with during the organizing process. The attic, basement, and garage can be major clutter traps in anyone’s home. It takes quite a bit of effort to trim down what has accumulated in those areas over the years. One also must make a conscious effort to keep them uncluttered after an initial cleaning has taken place.

Before you just rush into it, understand what will cause problems to crop up. For instance, you shouldn’t just go into the space and start carrying things out without creating a clear foot path. That’s a big mistake. If you don’t have a pre-prepared pathway to follow, you’ll risk tripping and other hazards which will only anger and demotivate you. Also, don’t make the mistake of not inspecting the space.

DIY Attic Cleanout Guide for Holister Residents

The attic in your house is full of clutter. It’s stuffed with boxes galore and all sorts of knickknacks, furniture, and whatnot, that you couldn’t name more than a few items. So, you’re ready but need a few attic cleanout tips to get going. Here is an attic cleanout guide you can use:

  • Clear a pathway. Don’t do anything else until you’ve taken the time to clear an unobstructed pathway from the attic to the outside of the house. It’s best to have a clear pathway without any tripping hazards. Move any furniture and let others know what you’re doing.
  • Identify everything inside. Go through everything that’s in the attic space. Open every box, trunk, or storage bin to see what’s inside. This will help you to pare down and separate the junk from valuable, sentimental, or useful items.
  • Empty out the whole attic. Next, you’ll need to empty out the space, leaving nothing inside. This way, you’ll have more motivation to get rid of things rather than just put them back.
  • Organize what you’re storing. Group like items together and label every box. Place items most retrieved near the entrance and items retrieved less often further away from the entrance.

When it’s time for an attic cleanout, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Junk Garbage Removal.

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