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DIY Appliance Removal in Punta Gorda

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DIY appliance removal is one of the most tricky and frustrating jobs you’ll ever take-on because these are generally unwanted items. Even if old appliances are in good working condition, age can make them undesirable and difficult to sell. Appliances in need of repair present more challenges because it’s sometimes barely worth the cost versus buying new or buying used. For appliances that are not in working order and beyond salvaging, you’ll find there are various appliance removal dos and don’ts (particularly when you can’t find a way to offload them). Read on to learn more about DIY appliance removal.

Don’t to Avoid

Okay, for whatever reason you have one or more old appliances on your hands. And, you need to get rid of them. But, the place where you bought the replacements just doesn’t take away used appliances. It seems you’re stuck. So, you think to yourself putting them out on the curb is an option. After all, someone will pick them up. But, it won’t be the local trash collection agency. And, leave them out long enough and you might get hit with a code violation.

The cost of appliance pick-up and/or disposal varies. For example, your municipal public works department may [or may not] provide free collection of refrigerant-containing appliances or there may be a fee for this service, which may vary by appliance type. Some retailers offer appliance pick-up and disposal services with the purchase and delivery of a new model. Depending on the retailer, a fee of $10 to $50 may be charged for this service. --US EPA

Of course, it’s always tempting to drop them off somewhere, like on a vacant lot, for instance. Don’t run the risk. If you’re caught for illegal dumping, you’ll wish you never even thought about it in the first place. It’s simply too risky and not worth the trouble.

DIY Appliance Removal in Punta Gorda

Now, let’s take a quick look at what you should do with appliances. Aside from cleaning them up and giving them a tune-up for continued use, there are some other options. Here’s how to go about DIY appliance removal:

  • Sell them. Even if they are not in complete working condition, you might still try to sell them. Locate a few appliance repair shops and ask if they’d like the units. You just might find a taker who can fix them and sell them.
  • Donate them. Another option is to donate them. (That is, if they are in relatively good, usable and working condition.) A local shelter, church, or even school, or some charitable organization might welcome the gift. Plus, you can take a small tax write off, in return.
  • Give them away. If the appliances are in working condition and still look good, then you might consider leaving them in the house and sell them with the property.

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