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Damaged Wood Deck Removal and Disposal Guide for Hercules Houses

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Wood deck disposal and tear down is a big, big job. Not only does it require a whole lot of labor, it also demands a lot of heavy lifting, and then, there’s the matter of disposal. It takes a lot of time and effort to demolish a wood deck, no matter how small. Since it’s intended as a permanent addition, it’s built to withstand the weather elements and climate to remain useful for many, many years. So, let’s take a look at how to dismantle and dispose of a wood deck.

What to Know about Damaged Wood Deck Disposal

Now, you might think you’ll just rent a dumpster. Simple enough and problem solved. But, it’s what you don’t know you don’t know. In other words, renting a dumpster isn’t a straightforward solution to the remodeling waste. Because you are the one who must fill it up, meaning you have to do all the work. Also, you can’t throw anything in the container. Dumpster rental companies prohibit certain items.

Any wood used around the exterior of your home will deteriorate over time. It may become necessary to remove and replace lumber especially if it has ground contact. An exterior deck is a good example of this. The decking boards and the post can crack and split over time making the deck a safety hazard the needs to be taken care of. The do it yourself handyman can tear down and dismantle a deck with the help of a few friends.

Then, there’s the matter of ordering the right size. Too small, and you’ll have to rent it all over again. Too large and it’s money wasted on wasted space. Whereas by hiring a junk removal company, all the work is done for you. And, you receive an upfront quote. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the required recycling and disposal procedures.

Damaged Wood Deck Removal Guide for Hercules Houses

Now, let's get into how to go about damaged wood deck removal by following these broad steps:

  • Clear the deck. It all begins with a blank slate. (Also, you need an empty space to work freely and without safety hazards.) Clear the deck of any furniture, cooking equipment, decor, and everything else. Leave nothing on it so you can work without stopping.
  • Unfasten the rails. The handrails along outer portion of the deck must go first. (You’ll basically take it down in reverse order of how it was built.) Use a drill-driver and/or pry bar or claw hammer to remove the rails.
  • Pull off the deck boards. Next, you’ll move on and pull up the individual wood planks. Remove these, starting from the outside of the deck and working your way toward the house.
  • Cut the deck off the house. Now, you can remove the deck from the exterior connection to the home. Then, dismantle the frame and dig up the support posts.

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