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Closet-Laundry Space Conversion Guide for Los Banos Property Owners

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A closet-laundry space conversion might seem like it’s a simple thing to do but it isn’t. In fact, it’s actually one of the most difficult (and expensive) home improvement projects you can undertake. The reason isn’t due to its size but its logistical challenges. A closet laundry room conversion involves some carpentry, a good deal of electrical work, and a sizeable amount of plumbing. Not to mention just relocating these super-sized appliances.

Closet-Laundry Room Conversion Considerations

Now, before we get into the actual closet-laundry room conversion, you’ll have to think carefully about the impact. Not only are you giving up needed storage space, you’re doing so in a very difficult way to reverse it. In other words, if you were to convert it into a cubby for a desk and workstation, that’s one thing. But the fact it’s being outfitted for a drastic change is another.

In real life, just having a convenient spot to do laundry is foremost and the extras are gravy. If you must use a laundromat, community laundry room or even a basement or garage laundry space, there may be a space in your home that can be converted into a workable laundry area. An in-home laundry space is especially convenient for young parents and as we age. --The

It means if you will sell sometime in the future, you’ll have a potential obstacle to overcome. The fact of the matter is, people just don’t like converted spaces. Instead, they prefer rooms to serve their original purposes.

Closet-Laundry Space Conversion Guide for Los Banos Property Owners

To make the remodel less foreboding and far less expensive, align it with a closet that’s against or nearby a bathroom or kitchen. This way, the plumbing and electrical wiring is close (which substantially reduces the cost). When you have the location picked out, you can follow these closet-laundry space conversion steps:

  • Measure the inside dimensions. Before you do anything else, you should make sure the washer and dryer will fit inside the space. If the appliances don’t fit, consider selling yours and purchasing smaller ones or a stackable washer and dryer set.
  • Install flooring protection and plumbing. You’ll need to protect the floor from accidents and to install plumbing. This is work best left to professionals and might even require a permit to do the work.
  • Put in the right power supply. Besides the plumbing, you’ll also need the electrical or gas supply to power the appliances. Have a professional do this work as well so it’s up to safety codes.
  • Be sure to vent the space adequately. Last but not least, you’ll also need to look into venting the dryer.

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