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Chico Bedroom-Home Office Conversion Guide

2018-12-26 By Admin

bedroom-home office conversionA bedroom-home office conversion isn’t necessarily as simple as one would think. Sure, you move a desk in, move some stuff out and you’re done, right? Wrong. This is due the fact that a home office and bedroom have two completely different functions. Which ultimately means you’ll need certain elements for the makeover to actually serve as a useful home office space.

What to Know about a Home Office Conversion

Okay, you're ready for that bedroom-home office conversion but do have some reservations about making the switch. That's fine. You should pause because if you transform it too much and in ways which are semi-permanent, that's going to be a big negative if you sell in the future.

If you’ve finally decided to move your casual at-home office space from the kitchen table to someplace a little more private, a spare bedroom is an excellent choice. It’s a finished space with a door you can close against interruptions and — maybe — complete one phone call without a cacophony of embarrassing background noises. Annexing a dedicated work space in your home has other advantages, too. A dedicated office space can be a tax write-off, and knowing it’s there waiting for you provides a little extra incentive to develop a consistent work routine. --How Stuff

In fact, one of the biggest buyer objections is a bedroom that’s no longer a bedroom. (Or, a garage that’s been converted to a living space.) While attic conversions and basement conversions are seen as a big plus. So, be sure that you’re taking this factor into account. In other words, don't go all out because you'll have to undo it to an extent if there's a need to sell in the future.

Chico Bedroom-Home Office Conversion Guide

When you’re ready to go ahead with a bedroom-home office conversion, you should know it’s more about than just putting a desk in the room. You’ll need to do the following things, as well:

  • Add more light. An office space needs more light than a regular bedroom space. Be sure that there is ample light, using both natural light and interior lighting to have enough, regardless of the time of day.
  • Protect the floor. It's highly unlikely you'll choose a chair without wheels. And, no matter the type of floor, you'll need to protect it. So, get a floor protector to avoid damage.
  • Choose appropriately sized furniture. Speaking of furniture, you also need to select appropriately sized pieces for ample space.
  • Place the computer and peripherals strategically. Try different places for the computer and its peripherals. This will take a little trial and error to get it right. Then, hardwire all devices for optimum performance.

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