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Broken Bicycle Disposal Options in Fresno and Beyond

2019-06-17 By Admin

broken bicycle disposal optionsBroken bicycle disposal options only come down to a few choices. But, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with that old set of wheels. Basically, bicycle disposal is all about what you want — even if that sounds strange, at first. Because it’s just a simple machine, if the frame remains in good condition, there’s no reason you can refurbish it to give it a whole new lease on life. (Of course, this depends on how much you’re willing to spend.) However, there are other options for bicycle disposal. So, let’s take a quick look at the situation.

Broken Bicycle Repair Cost

Before we get into how to offload a bike, let’s first take a cursory look at the repair route. As mentioned, because this is an uncomplicated machine, if the frame is in good, usable condition, it can be completely revamped. You just need the parts and some paint to make it look new again.

If you are an individual with a bicycle or two, or bicycle parts and accessories to donate for repair, reuse and recycling, it is usually most practical and cost-effective to donate them to a local program. In some areas you have a choice of directing you bike to an organization that will use it internationally or to a domestic program.

Now, if you’re concerned about cost, this is where disposal becomes a lot more attractive. Bikes generally last about 10 years before it’s time to trade up. Oddly, this isn’t due to the actual, physical condition, but the availability of parts. Once a bicycle is 10 years of age or older, parts are super-difficult to obtain.

Broken Bicycle Disposal Options in Fresno and Beyond

If you’re wondering about your broken bicycle disposal options, you’re likely ready to let it go. So, here are a few suggestions for what to do with that old bike:

  • Donate it. The first option (and perhaps the best one, if in good condition) is to donate your old bike. There are different charities which gladly accept used bicycles. Of course, the bike must be in usable condition and it should be fairly generic. (In other words, not over customized.)
  • Repair it. If you believe that it’s just too expensive to go with the repair, you should get a professional opinion. (That is, if you really like the bike and would prefer to keep it.) Price new models and compare the costs.
  • Junk it. Now, if it’s in bad condition, then you’ll need to go another route. One good solution is to lump it together with a bunch of other unwanted stuff and just junk it all at one time.

If you need broken bicycle disposal, go ahead and phone 800-433-1094 or visit Junk Garbage Removal.

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