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Brisbane Brick Patio Removal and Disposal

2019-10-23 By Admin

[caption id="attachment_51998" align="alignleft" width="300"]brick patio removal Credit: Creative Commons[/caption]Brick patio removal and disposal is a huge job. The good news is that it’s not technical. But, it does require quite a bit of elbow grease. So, you can do it DIY style, but you’ll need an extra set of helping hands. Then, you can get rid of it and replace it. Read on to learn more about how to go about brick patio removal and disposal.

Brick Patio Disposal Options

First, we’ll deal with how you’ll ultimately deal with the old bricks and other construction material debris. After all, this is a lot of stuff and you can’t just put it in the garbage and out onto the curb. If you do, the local trash collection agency won’t pick it up. Which means you’ll need another way to offload it.

Concrete patio blocks and brick pavers are often set in beds of sand or stone dust to create outdoor walkways, patios, and shed floors. Although they are durable, occasionally a few will settle unevenly or crack in half. --This Old House

You really have two choices. One, you can load it up and haul it away yourself. Or, two, you can just call a local junk hauler to come by and pick it up so you don’t have to wrestle with it yourself. If you don’t have a truck and a large trailer, you should just have a junk removal service deal with it for you. This way, you don’t have to take more time out of your schedule.

Brisbane Brick Patio Removal

Now, let’s get into how to take up a brick patio and what to do after to conceal its presence (if you aren’t replacing it with another brick patio). Here’s a quick overview of how to go about a brick patio removal:

  • Clear the area. Start by clearing off the patio and the area immediately around it. Keep the area clear of children and pets because it’s not safe for them. Make sure someone knows what you’re doing.
  • Start in a corner. Next, you’ll start the process of brick patio removal in a corner. (It’s best to start from an outside corner, away from the house.) Take up the row, going across, working your way toward the house.
  • Fill the space and sod. Once the brick patio is gone, you can then fill the empty space with soil. After the empty space is filled, you can then put down sod to make it blend with the rest of the yard.

When you need brick patio removal or any type of construction debris removal, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Junk Garbage Removal.

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