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Biggest Palm Harbor Hardwood Failure Signs

2021-08-18 By Admin

Biggest Palm Harbor Hardwood Failure SignsHardwood replacement signs range from subtle to obvious. In fact, some begin mostly unnoticed and grow worse to the point they are unavoidable. The reality is, hardwood can last for scores, even more than a century. But eventually, hardwood replacement symptoms will manifest. It’s at this point it is time to either start planning or to immediately replace the flooring. Read on to learn more about hardwood replacement signs.

Alternative Floor Choices

Now, if it is time to replace hardwood, then you might well change things up a bit. After all, you don’t have to install new hardwood flooring to replace the old one. Perhaps the most viable alternative is engineered flooring. It comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles. (It’s even possible to find tile that looks like hardwood.) Or, go with tile. Here again, tile comes in a huge variety.

Old-growth wood–typically, Douglas fir, oak, and maple–has higher density and fewer defects than new wood, and often comes in lengths of 12 ft. or more, which you won’t find at a big-box store. Salvaging it from an old home takes time but saves money; boards are wider than the standard 2 1/4-in. strips are particularly valuable. --Popular Mechanics

Of course, you can also go with an alternative like Pergo or another product. Obviously, there are instances when replacement is the only real solution. Therefore, you should be in-the-know about what constitutes a necessity. In other words, it’s best to do small repairs or just refinish hardwood instead of outright replacement.

Biggest Palm Harbor Hardwood Failure Signs

When to refinish and replace hardwood floors depends a lot on their overall condition, as well as your own wants and needs. If you are doing some other home improvement, cost is a big factor. Although cost isn’t the only consideration. Here are some hardwood replacement signs you can look out for:

  • Gouges. If a hardwood floor is littered with deep gouges, it’s often better to replace than refinish. Another consideration is how thick the boards are and the viability of removing another layer. Gouges are usually quite obvious and are also unsightly.
  • Buckling. Hardwood can also pull away from the subfloor underneath. When this occurs, the hardwood buckles. Most often, buckling is the result of severe moisture exposure. Or, if a home experiences flooding. (If it’s due to flooding, the subfloor might also need some TLC.)
  • Cupping and crowning. Cupping occurs when the edges turn up and the center stays down. Conversely, crowning is the opposite — the center bows up and the edges stay down, in place. Either way, cupping or crowning, are bad and will only worsen over time.
  • Hardwood board separation. Temperature and moisture fluctuations can wreak havoc on hardwood. Over time, these two factors can cause the boards to gap and separate. If you see gaps and they don’t close during summer, replacement is probably the fix.

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