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Biggest Brookshire Rental Home Cleanout Mistakes

2018-04-25 By Admin

rental home cleanoutRental home cleanout. Three words which property investors and landlords do not like to utter, let alone have to put on a to-do list. But, it will eventually happen and happen a lot more than once over the course of owning it. It's a situation which becomes periodic and at-best, somewhat routine (if you're lucky enough to get it done to a science). And, it's very important to avoid the most common rental home cleanout mistakes.

About Rental Home Cleanout Service Help

Before you jump right into a rental home cleanout, consider bringing in a dedicated service provider. It's not unlike hiring a property manager or property management service. It's a great way to get the hard work done without having to sacrifice too much of your own time. Plus, it's a tax write off and it spares you all the labor and hassle.

At some point in your time as a landlord, you will be faced with an empty or half empty unit, wondering where your tenant is. Perhaps it’s because you served the tenant with an eviction notice and you think they’ve moved out in the night to avoid further action. Or, another possibility is that the tenant simply wanted out of the lease and the rental property and just broke it. Either way, you now have what you think might be an abandoned rental property. However, proceeding as if the tenant is long gone can be a costly mistake for you. --Source

If you need a property cleanout, this is a great way to go since it frees-up time. Also, you should time your rental home cleanout to coincide with your other obligations. In other words, do not rush into it too quickly (which is actually one of the biggest mistakes).

Biggest Brookshire Rental Home Cleanout Mistakes

If you still want to do that rental home cleanout on your own, you shouldn't make it more difficult by unwittingly committing different errors. This will only cause stress and frustration. So, here are the top rental home cleanout mistakes to avoid:

  • Throwing away personal possessions. Even if you know the tenant has already moved on (and perhaps out of the area), you cannot legally dispose of his or her personal possessions. You must make a legitimate effort to contact him or her, notifying them to come reclaim their possessions.
  • Neglecting to make all needed repairs. Also, you can't simply skip over necessary repairs to get it back on the rental market sooner. Sure, you might rationalize this is acceptable because the repairs will be done but it's going to hurt your ability to rent it out.
  • Jumping into the cleanout without documentation. Another mistake is not to take the time to document any damage. You can easily do this in a jiffy with your smartphone using the camera and a notes app.
  • Trying to market it before it’s in good, showable condition. The property must be in clean living condition before you start showing it to potential rental tenants. If you skimp on the rehab, they'll think you won't be a responsible, responsive landlord.

When you need a rental home cleanout done, phone 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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