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Best Carpet Replacement Options in San Pablo

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The best carpet replacement options aren’t necessarily a secret. The truth is, flooring prices are more affordable than ever. This is mostly due to new and various manufacturing process. Plus, different types of materials. So, the days of outrageously expensive flooring are a thing of the past. (Unless you go with the high-end, highly expensive choices.)

Carpet Removal Steps

Okay, if the carpet is showing signs of wear and tear. Or, is outright done and you can't stand the look of it any longer. Either way, you've got to take up the old carpet to install new flooring over the subfloor. To do this, first empty out the room. Then, pull up a corner.

…hate your carpet? Want to exchange it for something that is easier to maintain, cleaner and lasts longer? Do as we did and consider laminate flooring. My husband and I did, and we have never regretted it. Recently some good friends replaced their carpet with Pergo. It was beautiful, and they told us it required only minimal care. This caused us to start thinking about the fact we might want to do the same because the carpet in our condo was causing numerous problems. --Den Garden

Pull that corner to the other side of the room. Then, roll the carpet up by going from one side to the other. Next, you'll need to carry the rolled up carpet out of the room. Thereafter, you'll need to pull up the carpet tacking after rolling up the padding and carrying it out of the space.

Best Carpet Replacement Options in San Pablo

Now that you have a bare subfloor, what are your options? Obviously, you want a flooring that looks good and performs well over a long period of time. So, if you’re tired of carpet and don’t want to go that route, consider these top carpet replacement options:

  • Tile. Ranging in price from just $1 to $20, tile comes in a wide variety of styles, colors, and more. But, it’s not for every space. For instance, it’s usually not a good choice for residential bedrooms, family rooms, and even in some cases, living rooms.
  • Vinyl. Another material which comes in a number of styles, colors, and more, vinyl ranges in price from $1 to $5 per square foot. While, it doesn’t offer the same durability as other flooring types, it's quite inexpensive and functional.
  • Laminate. Among the least expensive choices, ranging from 50 cents to $3 per square foot, its stain and scratch resistant. Although, it's not necessarily water-resistant and isn't good for resale potential.
  • Hardwood. Ranging from $3 to $12 per square foot, hardwood is one of the most beloved flooring types. And, if you go with engineered hardwood, it costs less. This flooring is simple to maintain but real hardwood requires a bit more care.

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