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Bathroom Gutting Tips for Bradenton Residents

2021-04-28 By Admin

Bathroom Gutting Tips for Bradenton ResidentsBathroom gutting tips are helpful to know if you’ve never done a home improvement remodeling project before. You might be a homeowner who is starting to update your house or the project is part of an investment property rental home cleanout rehab. Regardless of the reason, it’s best to be in-the-know before you start ripping apart the fixtures. The good news about redoing a bathroom is you can usually reuse some of the fixtures. With a little imagination and some common tools, you can transform an old boring bath into a luxurious space.

Remodeling ROI

The real trick about a bath remodel isn’t the actual work. It’s whether the refresh is worth the investment. After all, a renovation that doesn’t bring a decent return on investment is wasted time, effort, and money. So, be sure it’s going to fetch at least a moderate ROI.

Bathroom remodeling is tricky because both plumbing and wiring are typically involved, hardly things you want to mix together, and it means you’ll need a plumber and an electrician as subcontractors. No two bathrooms are the same: Thus, bathroom remodeling prep steps are likely to be modified for your project, but there are also several universal concepts that can be applied before you [begin]. --Home

Now, it’s important to note the ROI is dependent on a few factors. One is age, another is size, and geographic location. On average, a bath remodel will return about 64 percent. But, this depends on where your home is located, whether it’s a minor or major makeover, and what materials are used.

Bathroom Gutting Tips for Bradenton Residents

If you feel confident the project is worthwhile, you’ll need to tear out the space to begin the process. Now, here’s where the labor really becomes intense. Sure, design is a big concern, but getting through the actual tear-down is tough. So, here are some helpful bathroom gutting tips you can use:

  • Keep kids and pets away. Kids and pets are quite curious when it comes to such activity. But, they don’t belong anywhere near a construction zone, even if it’s in their own house.
  • Turn off and disconnect the water and electric supply. Start by turning off the water and electric supplies and then disconnect the supply line(s). Depending on how the bathroom is configured, there are probably a few supply lines coming into the space.
  • Disassemble the toilet. With the water off, flush the toilet and then take it apart. If you are not going to remove the fixture, cover it with a drop cloth. If you need to temporarily move it out-of-the-way, don’t disassemble it but unbolt it from the floor and carry it out whole.
  • Remove all fixtures. Strip all the fixtures from the walls (medicine cabinet, towel racks, and more). Then, remove the vanity first, toilet next, and finally, pull out the tub/shower. This will create more space as you remove each one so it’s easier to get the larger fixtures out.

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