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Pro Junk Dispatch Junk Removal Harmony

Pro Junk Dispatch is a locally owned and trusted Harmony junk removal company that's mission is to provide excellent customer service and top-quality trash disposal services to businesses and homeowners alike. Our businesses have been serving the area for over a decade. We're confident that we have the skills and experience to haul away your junk, trash, old furniture, or construction debris, and we will clean out your garage, shed, or storage unit. Also, we can help you clear out your residential or commercial property quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on more important things. Our pricing is based on the volume of the items you need hauled away, so you'll never pay more than what it's worth. We're honest and upfront with our rates and don't have any hidden fees or extra charges. You can also rest easy knowing that your junk will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way by recycling whenever possible. Regarding our service availability, we provide flexible scheduling for clients with very tight schedules who cannot be home when we arrive or deliver. We can also arrange for same-day service if you need urgent help with your trash.

Property Cleanouts and Clean up

A forgotten or neglected property can be a disaster regarding its impact on your wallet. Not only will the property cost you a tremendous amount of money, but it can cause significant stress for everyone involved. To avoid this problem, clean out your properties and ensure they are free from any elements that would drive down the property's value. Look no further than our company if you're looking for the most trusted and affordable property, Harmony cleanout service. At Pro Junk Dispatch, we haul away all home contents, like personal items from bathrooms, bedrooms, old furniture, kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring, and more. We also eliminate all contents from offices, retail stores, warehouses, and restaurants and clear out any commercial property. Our primary goal is to help create a more accessible and less expensive process for you when cleaning your property. When you hire us, we provide same-day service and flexible appointments that you can choose from. With this, we ensure that we can arrive at your property within a day to clean up the entire place and help you get on your way. We are also fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so there's no need to worry about any legal issues down the road.


Commercial Services

We offer a variety of commercial hauling, dismantling and removal services to our residential and business customers, property managers, estate clean-outs and construction crews across the United States.


Property Services

There is no a property clean out job too big or too small, no matter what! From cleaning up a hoarders amount of junk to your dusty attic, we are at your service.


Home Services

No matter what kind of junk you want to get rid of from your home, apartment, or property, our residential junk removal & hauling crew will do it at a price you can afford.

Business Services

Don’t waste valuable work time or the company budget on junk. Team up with Pro Junk Dispatch. We provide a variety of junk removal services to our commercial customers, offices and business partners across the United States.


Harmony Storage Unit Cleanouts

You probably have a storage unit that's full of junk. And if you're in Harmony, you're paying too much for that storage unit. Enter Pro Junk Dispatch. We're a local storage unit cleanout service that specializes in storage units, garages, sheds in backyards, basements, and more. We'll come to your storage unit, clean it, and haul away all the junk. Best of all, we'll do it for a fraction of what you're currently paying. Hiring us is fast and easy. Give us a call and tell us about your junk problem. We'll then give you a cost estimate based on your amount and type of junk.

If you like our estimate, we'll send our junk crew to your storage unit to do the job efficiently. And if you're worried about your stuff ending up in a landfill, don't be. We make it our mission to recycle or donate as much as possible. We're proud to say that we've diverted pounds of junk from landfills since we started the business. So when you use Pro Junk Dispatch for your storage unit cleanout, you can rest assured knowing that your stuff is going to a good home. What's more, we offer flexible payment options, so you don't have to pay us upfront, and this is a win-win for both of us.

Debris Removal in Harmony

If you're a business owner, you're always looking for ways to save money. One way to do that is to take advantage of a trusty Harmony debris removal service like Pro Junk Dispatch. We haul away construction or remodeling debris, waste from vacant lots, illegally dumped items, and more. We have a fleet of trucks and trailers that can handle any job, big or small. This can save you time and money, not to mention the headache of dealing with all that waste yourself. Instead of renting a dumpster and paying for disposal fees, you can remove the debris by hiring us. We also advocate green practices and will recycle as much waste as possible so that it doesn't end up in a landfill. We can also work with you on any necessary environmental regulations for waste disposal.

Regarding our rates, we have the most competitive pricing in the industry, so you'll never have to worry about overspending. Our services are also available same-day and through flexible appointments because we acknowledge that your time is essential, too. Pro Junk Dispatch understands the satisfaction of a job well done and will work hard to ensure you are comfortable with every aspect of our service. For more information about how we can help you remove your construction or remodeling debris, don't hesitate to call us today!

Does Pro Junk Dispatch do Odd Jobs?

We're all familiar with that feeling of wanting to start fresh. Maybe you've just moved into a new house, or you're finally cleaning the garage. Whatever the case, sometimes you need to get rid of some old stuff. And that's where we come in. Since 2006, Pro Junk Dispatch has been providing dependable odd jobs service residents and businesses in Harmony can count on. We can dismantle and remove old playsets, sheds, hot tubs, above-ground swimming pools, patio decks, and gazebos, dispose of all debris, and more. The accumulated trash is then recycled, donated, and disposed of according to our green standards. We have always been committed to providing the highest quality service without costing you a fortune. Our company believes one doesn't have to choose between getting good service and saving money. This is why we offer our services at fair, honest prices that are always in line with the industry average. We don't want to give you an unrealistic quote only to charge you more later. So when you need odd jobs done right, don't hesitate to call Pro Junk Dispatch. Let us be the ones to take care of your junk.

Commercial Junk Removal in Harmony

Every business needs to clear out its office space, whether moving to a new location or simply downsizing. This can be daunting, especially if you have a lot of heavy furniture or appliances to move. That's where Pro Junk Dispatch comes in. As Harmony's tried and true commercial junk removal service, we'll ensure that you get rid of unwanted items safely and effectively. Our team comprises highly trained junk professionals with what it takes to handle even the most challenging junk removal jobs. We'll arrive on time with the right tools and equipment to efficiently remove office buildings, restaurants, warehouses, and damaged equipment, haul away expired merchandise from retail stores, and more. Unlike other companies that haphazardly toss everything into a dump truck, we take time to sort through all your items, ensuring we recycle whatever possible and securely dispose of the rest. Our goal is to help you clear space without filling up landfills. What sets us apart is the level of customer service we offer. From the initial phone call to having our team clear your space, you'll always feel like you're our top priority. We'll work with your schedule and budget to find a time that works for your business so as not to interrupt your daily operations.

Pro Junk Dispatch makes it easy to call or book online in Harmony.

Booking an appointment for junk removal in Harmony is easy. Please book online or give us a call and talk to a real person who can answer all your questions. We will be more than happy to set up an appointment, send a junk removal crew to your home or business, and give you a price. We will start right then and there if you agree with our price. We accept all forms of payment. Don't forget to ask us about any odd jobs. You may be surprised by what our Pro Junk Dispatch experts can do for you!

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Pro Junk Dispatch

Serving Iredell County, North Carolina
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Pro Junk Dispatch are junk removal expert serving Iredell County, North Carolina, and the surrounding area. We'll dismantle and remove any unwanted item – no job is too big or too small.

Pro Junk Dispatch is committed to donating or recycling up to 40% of the collected debris, preventing your items from ending in landfills. 


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  • Old furniture, appliances, and general household junk
  • Home, office, warehouse, and estate cleanouts
  • Shed removal, construction, and renovation debris
  • Residential and commercial debris removal
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  • Debris Removal, Cleanup and Hauling
  • Yard Waste Hauling
  • Foreclosure Cleanouts
  • Office Furniture Removal
  • Flood Damage Cleanup and Hauling
  • Entire Office Cleanouts (Anything and Everything)

We also service nearby cities for junk removal, furniture removal, construction debris, and other bulk trash hauling services. Remember, we have same-day junk pick-up!

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