Pro Junk Dispatch

It’s a dirty job, someone has to do it, so why not you?

If you’ve landed on this page, either you are interested in starting a junk removal business for yourself, or you are interested in becoming a part of a junk removal franchise. 

Starting a junk removal business can be a profitable venture if you follow the right steps and strategies. Here's a guide on how to start a junk removal business: So the question is:

To Franchise or Not to Franchise?


When you franchise, you’re basically entrusting your company’s future to another party. Pro Junk Dispatch is not a franchise, rather a network of service professionals, and we require no franchise commitments, so we’ll never keep you from doing you. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to franchising:


  • ✓ Shared Marketing and Advertising
  • ✓ Brand Recognition
  • ✓ Instant Reputation


  • ✓ The well runs dry and the franchise no longer provides you with enough business to be sustainable.
  • ✓ Marketplace Saturation and Territory Limitations.
  • ✓ Liability: You are on the hook for any unforeseen expenses at their dictated costs and are forced to use their vendors.


Small businesses are what America is made of, and you are in control of your own destiny. Pro Junk Dispatch celebrates your independence. Aside from our nominal commissions, you have no further obligation to us other than to complete the job as requested. Here are some pros and cons of going independent:


  • ✓ You are your OWN BOSS
  • ✓ You can make your own brand identity that’s meaningful to you
  • ✓ Unlimited Territory
  • ✓ Unlimited Growth Potential


  • ✓ You do all the work (but keep all the reward)
  • ✓ You cover your own advertising cost (lots of ways to offset that)
  • ✓ It may take time before you start profiting (hurts at first, but gets better)



  • ✓  Best of Both Worlds, the steady business of a franchise without all the baggage and commitments.
  • ✓ Get Paid the same day the job is completed.
  • ✓ Zero Up-Front Costs to Join our Network.
  • ✓ Guided Onboarding: We'll walk you through it all and get you squared away in no time.



Gather your Gear and Cohorts, go forth and get paid!:

Going to any jobsite for junk removal, cleanups and cleanouts, not only will you need the right equipment, you will also need at least one cohort or crew member to help get the job done. This work is your livelihood, choose your cohorts wisely. If you’re starting from scratch, we highly recommend running background checks on new recruits. Not doing so exposes you and your new business to liabilities that can hasten or cause its demise. If you’ve chosen someone you already know, trust and have experience with, then you’re already getting it right. The 3 basic pillars of your operation will be:

  • ✓ Transportation
  • ✓ Tools, Supplies and Equipment
  • ✓ Merchant Processing


Your work truck is a reflection of your professionalism. If you’re driving in a beat down 20 year old truck with a dragging tailpipe and a busted tailgate, while hauling a rusty trailer, perhaps it's time for an upgrade. The last thing you want is to have to deal with both a busted truck, or a wonky trailer, while also having to deal with the trash you're hauling. We highly recommend using a truck that is in good condition, both operationally and aesthetically. As for trailers, a variety of trailers could be needed for the different types of jobs you may encounter, and the more versatile your trailer arsenal is, the more job types you open yourself up to being able to accomplish. So consider the investment a worthwhile one.

Jobs referred to you by Pro Junk Dispatch tend to be on a larger scale, dump trailers are the safest and easiest way to go.


Having the right tools for the job is critical, especially when dealing with the hazards you’ll run into when dealing with junk removal and the cleanup and cleanout process. Some of the most important things to have at the ready are:

  • ✓ Trash Bags: good ones, lots of them
  • ✓ Reusable containers and storage bins
  • ✓ Gloves: for very obvious reasons, we want to try to keep the term “getting your hands dirty as figurative as possible.


  • ✓ Work boots with reinforced toes that are comfortable enough for all day use and rugged enough for harsh terrain conditions.
  • ✓ Dollies and Hand trucks: work smarter than harder
  • ✓ Straps, winches, hooks, pulleys: anything you could possibly need to get that cargo secured in place during transit.

Interested in a career in junk removal?


See if you fit the description:

  • Good with people
  • Hard worker. We pay the same day job is completed
  • Want to keep the earth clean
  • Love to help others and your community
  • Professional and clean appearance
  • Maintain a good attitude



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