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About Our Truck Driver and Job Manager Position

See if you fit the description:

Can you drive a large truck from 7 am to 7 pm? If so, then this is quite possibly the job for you! Pro Junk Dispatch is a local company with locations in all of the major cities across the United States, so we have positions open all across the US. The farther out we expand the more trucks we acquire, and as you know trucks can’t drive themselves!

But it isn’t just about driving the truck and navigating to the next location. Being the Truck Driver AND Job Manager requires you to be a leader. You are going to be in charge of the crew, in charge of navigations, and in charge of the daily operations as the leader of the crew. This involves good people skills and great customer service. You must be able to have a professional conversation with the customer about the cost of the job and you are in charge of getting the payment – before the job takes place! One of the most important aspects of working with Pro Junk Dispatch is our ability to give fast, efficient service. We offer same day junk removal service, because we are that good at our job!

But that is not all! You are also in charge of making sure that you dispose of all junk in the proper place. We want to keep as much out of the landfill as possible, so you are in charge of determining what can be recycled and what can be donated. Our goal is in being one of the most environmentally green junk removal companies in the United States and you are big part making sure this happens!

So if you are good with customer service, can drive a large truck, can easily determine the best routes and can lead a crew of 1-2 other junk haulers, then this is probably a great job for you!

If truck driver jobs and as a job manager looks like a great fit for you and you are ready to begin your new career as a leader, fill out an online application