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Removing an Old Swing Set

2022-09-15 By Admin

Removing an Old Swing Set

Is it finally time to get rid of that old backyard playset that is rotting away and taking up valuable yard space? Like most homeowners, when you had your first child or two, you bought them an awesome backyard playset. Maybe you even went one step further and built it yourself. Either way, you're an awesome parent. As your children grow up, they outgrow that backyard playset. Suddenly, the big playset that your children used to think was an amusement park is now just dead weight in your backyard. As soon as that backyard playset is no longer used, it just takes up unnecessary space in the yard, and it needs to go. The question then becomes, "How do I get rid of my old swing set?"

Have a Disposal Plan

Make sure you have a plan for once your playset has been broken down before you begin deconstructing it. Having unused playset parts piled up in your backyard is worse than having an unused playset in your backyard. Here are a few options for getting rid of an old swing set or playset:

Sell It

If your kids have outgrown their swing set, but it is still in good working condition, selling it would be an easy option for removal. Nowadays, selling items like this online is relatively easy, and multiple channels are worth considering. There are several ways to sell online, including Offer Up, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. It would be a good idea to expressly state that the movement of the playset will be the buyer's responsibility when selling online. By doing this, you will avoid having to deal with breaking it down yourself and removing it from your property. You can get an idea of what used playsets sell for on the sites listed above if you're new to online selling. Consider listing it for a lower price if you're just looking to get rid of it quickly.

Give it Away

Asking around to see if anyone you know might be interested in your kid's playset is another option when trying to get rid of it. People often find a way to remove it from your house as soon as possible when you offer to give it away. If you can find a neighbor who is interested, this is even better. Then you won't have to worry about transporting it. You could also donate your child's old playset if you don't want to sell it and can't find anyone interested in it. See if a local school or church would be interested in receiving the donation. Tell them that they will have to disassemble it when you discuss it with them.

Call Junk Removal

Call Junk Removal

You may need to get rid of the playset altogether if it is not safe for children to use. There can be a lot of work involved in removing a large, bulky outdoor playset. Let the professional junk haulers at Pro Junk Dispatch handle all the heavy lifting and hauling when you need outdoor playground equipment removed and disposed of.

Whether it's a large wooden playground or climbing walls or nets, we remove and dispose of all your unwanted play equipment. We provide fast, easy, and affordable junk removal services, from disassembly to disposal. We try to recycle and donate as much as possible from what we remove. We will disassemble the playset in your backyard if it is still in good condition and donate it to someone who can use it. Don't let that old swing set become an eyesore. Get rid of that old unused swing set by calling Pro Junk Dispatch today.

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