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Old Fencing Removal

2022-05-13 By Admin

Old Fencing RemovalSometimes, it is necessary to remove your old backyard fence. There may be some big piles of old fence material, bits and pieces, and other debris depending on the length and material of your fence. A single-family residence is almost always associated with a fence in the backyard. This will require a labor-intensive DIY fence replacement project, which will require disposing of large quantities of old fencing material. A new fence requires a great deal of planning, the removal of the old fence, and then the construction or installation of the new fence. It is true that if the owner can afford to hire a professional fencing company, then all the work will be handled for them, including the removal of the old fencing. However, a surprising number of homeowners either choose not to spend the money necessary to hire a fence builder or find that they prefer to do the job themselves. This results in the need to determine the best way to remove the old fencing. Every fence that is replaced leaves behind far more waste and debris than can ever be expected to be disposed of in a residential trash container.

Recycle and Reuse or Remove?

Traditionally, the standard operating procedure for disposing of old fencing materials and other yard debris was a trip to the local landfill. It may have been a trip to a waste transfer station nearby, but the destination was still often at landfills. Currently, most landfills do not accept mixed lumber debris, and some require that this type of waste be diverted from the landfill itself. Depending on where you live, you may be able to locate a few agencies and organizations that will be able to use your old lumber and fencing. As a matter of fact, depending on the condition of the wood, some of it may be repurposed. However, sometimes the wood is not reusable. No worries. The wood can still be recycled if it is not treated. The wood can still be recycled if it is not treated. Wood scraps of all kinds, including wood scraps from home improvement projects and old fence wood, should never be disposed of in landfills. Working with a Junk Removal Company

Have a Junk Removal Company Take It Off Your Hands

In any event, you can rely on Pro Junk Dispatch to provide an efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly wood debris removal service so that you don't need to worry about the pick-up and disposal of the waste from your new fencing project. Every time we collect junk, waste, and debris, we make it a priority to reuse and recycle as much as possible.

When you work with Pro Junk Dispatch on your junk removal project, you receive excellent service, low pricing, and expert junk removal, but you also help the environment and the planet in the process.

No matter how many times you require our services during your fence replacement project or whether you only require our services once after it is complete, our debris hauling employees will ensure that the old fence boards, posts, and other debris are removed so that you can concentrate on building your new fence.

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