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Linoleum Floor Removal Guide for Punta Gorda Residents

By Owen

Linoleum Floor Removal Guide for Punta Gorda ResidentsLinoleum floor removal. Ugh. Talk about a home improvement project that’s a whole lot of work. It’s messy and dirty. What’s worse, linoleum floor removal is very hard, arduous work. The good news is, you don’t need any real DIY expertise, but you do need a bit of persistence and a get-it-done attitude. You probably know this is hard work but you can do it on your own, just set aside the time and get a few helping hands to give you more to work with.

Linoleum Flooring Disposal

Like other types of engineered flooring, linoleum can be manufactured to look like wood flooring, stone flooring, or practically any other type of flooring material. Another big advantage to linoleum is that it is super easy to clean and maintain. However, though it’s got only a few negatives, like the fact that it is susceptible to damage from sharp objects.

One of the most frustrating home remodeling tasks is trying to remove an old linoleum or vinyl floor. Even when the linoleum is pulled off, things only get worse. Now you’re faced with gobs of old glue that seem harder than meteorites all over the floor.

One of its most problematic attributes is the fact that linoleum does not typically age well. It generally becomes brittle over time (and usually discolors, as well). This means it’s harder to take up off the subfloor because brittle linoleum will break into small pieces, making it more difficult to remove as a whole.

Linoleum Floor Removal Guide for Punta Gorda Residents

Now, as for the linoleum flooring removal, that’s a simple process but it will take a lot of time and effort. It’s not an easy task to take on and you’ll need a couple of helping hands. (Also, a few tools and materials to get the job done.) Here’s an overview of how to do linoleum flooring removal:

  • Test for asbestos first. There's a possibility that linoleum flooring can contain asbestos. So, don't take a chance and test for the substance before you do anything else. If it tests positive, you'll need to bring in a professional crew.
  • Pull the linoleum up. As for the actual linoleum flooring removal, it starts in a corner. Pick a corner and use a knife and/or needle-nose pliers to begin to peel it up from the subfloor underneath. Once you have part of it up, then pull up the rest gradually.
  • Remove the adhesive. Next, you'll need to remove any leftover adhesive residue from the subfloor. You can use a solvent for this, along with a floor scraper to get it all.
  • Clean the subfloor to finish. Lastly, you'll need to clean and disinfect the subfloor and then let it dry before you cover it with replacement flooring.

When it’s time for remodeling debris removal in Punta Gorda, just phone 800-737-5923 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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