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Junk Removal Service vs Dumpster Rental

2022-08-22 By Admin

Junk Removal Service vs Dumpster Rental Choosing what to do with unwanted junk can be difficult when you need to get rid of it. Renting a dumpster or hiring a junk removal company are the most common options. To make an educated decision about which junk removal method is right for you, you need to know a few things, from cost to convenience.

Differences Between Junk Removal and Dumpster Rental

  • Convenience
  • If convenience were the only factor, junk removal companies would win hands down! Some companies, such as Pro Junk Dispatch, offer full-service junk removal. During a scheduled appointment window, they come to your home or commercial space, remove your junk, and clean up any debris left behind. Point and you're done! Dumpster rentals, on the other hand, require you to do all the heavy lifting yourself. Aside from being hard work, you also spend your free time doing something you don't want to do.
  • Cost
  • Dumpsters can cost between $90 and $840 USD for three to four days. There may be hidden fees included in this price, such as permits, overages, or dump fees. Junk removal does not require permits or charge based on time, unlike some dumpster rentals. A junk removal company's prices are determined by how much space your junk takes up in a truck. Mattresses, for example, are also available at a single item price. Call Pro Junk Dispatch for a quote. We're happy to help!
  • Safety
  • You are more likely to suffer an injury when renting a dumpster because you are doing all the heavy lifting yourself. Moving a heavy item on your own can still be a safety hazard, even if you can lift it. Our professionals never work alone and have the equipment to transport large items easily with our junk removal service. Safety should never be an issue because our teams are insured and trained properly.
  • Items They Accept
  • Even if you can lift heavy items, some dumpster rental companies won't accept them. Many dumpster rentals do not allow tires or items with freon, such as refrigerators and freezers. Different dumpsters are often needed for different types of items. You cannot place yard trimmings in the same dumpster as construction materials, so you would need to rent two dumpsters. Check with the company if you can include a variety of items in your dumpster rental. A junk removal service does not have the same restrictions as a dumpster rental service. Pro Junk Dispatch is a junk removal company that takes almost anything you can imagine. We can haul everything from yard waste to remodeling debris. We can even remove large and bulky items such as hot tubs, swing sets, and old boats and RVs. Environmental Impact
  • Environmental Impact
  • In the case of dumpster rentals, all items are sent to the landfill. In the case of recyclable materials, you would need to sort them out beforehand and find a different method of removal. However, at Pro Junk Dispatch we can sort items for you! We are proud of our ability to divert items from the landfill by recycling the recyclables and donating the donateables. In contrast to dumpster rentals, Pro Junk Dispatch provides same day service, provides after-hours pickup, offers upfront all-inclusive pricing, is insured, and does not require a permit. When it comes to deciding between junk removal and dumpster rental, there is a clear winner! Call Pro Junk Dispatch when you need your junk removed quickly, affordably, and environmentally friendly. We will take care of the hard work, and we will remove and dispose of your junk in a matter of minutes.

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