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Dealing with Hoarder Tenants

2022-06-09 By Admin

Dealing with Hoarder TenantsIt is not uncommon for new, and even veteran landlords to fall victim to a hoarder. Hoarding is when someone has persistent difficulties throwing away, discarding, or parting with their possessions. The individual has a strong desire to keep these items. For some people that are hoarders, they may save anything and everything. Whenever thoughts become actions, they form a repetitive pattern. A hoarder may suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder, according to some health professionals.

What to Do as a Landlord

Luckily, as a landlord you have options. Here are some steps that are recommended for you to take when dealing with a tenant who is a hoarder.

Make Notes of Everything

This includes, but is not limited to taking pictures, videos, or writing notes that are dated and time-stamped as well as bringing a witness with you to testify to the hoarding situation.

Try to Offer Help

Sometimes a landlord would be best served by offering assistance to the tenant first. An olive branch may be the thing that a depressed person needs. You may also want to offer counseling. A hand in cleaning up is the first step in determining if a tenant has a mental illness. Hoarders will not agree to help clean up, but normal tenants will.

Send Them Notice by Certified Mail

A notice letter should be signed by the tenant. The letter should be written by your attorney and approved by you and your property management company if you have one. In general, it should cover the tenant's responsibility to clean up the property or risk eviction. Therefore, an attorney is needed.

Execute an Eviction

For a landlord, this is never fun. It also costs a lot of money. Eviction needs to be handled properly, so have your attorney or property management company handle this. Wait to hear that they have left your property. Clean your property after the eviction so that it can be re-rented.

Rehab the house as necessary

Hoarding Clean Up
This is where we can help! When it comes to hoarding clean-up projects, Pro Junk Dispatch has years of experience. It is an in-depth, involved process that requires experienced professionals that can enter the property and provide the real results you are looking for. Regardless of the level of hoarding, a clean-up requires actionable planning, the right equipment, and execution. Let us assist you with that.

We begin our process by talking to the landlord to understand what they want to be done. Our goal is to be on the same page with you.

It's all about taking the right approach with the property owner during a hoarding clean-up. It takes attention to detail and an understanding of the level of filth. We are well-versed in this type of work. Moreover, our hoarding clean-up experts know how to handle bio-hazard debris, various other types of hazardous materials, and much more. Hoarder cleanouts are frequently requested by landlords and property management companies.

We are in high demand for this type of removal project because it is so extensive. As a result of its very nature, hoarding clean-up requires special attention. There are many health and safety hazards in typical hoarding environments, so it is better to leave this work to the experts.With the right equipment, experience, and manpower, we can deliver results. The best solution for hoarding clean-up is Pro Junk Dispatch. Count on our caring team members for a top-notch experience and attainable results.

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