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Clearing Out Your Home Office

2022-06-08 By Admin

Clearing Out Your Home OfficeAs more people work from home, has your time in your home office inspired a reorganization? It's hard to be productive when your office is cluttered or serves as a storage area. Learn how to make your office a more work-friendly environment by clearing out your desk.

How to Clear out Your Home Office

Make a Plan

Don’t just jump right in! It can be overwhelming to tackle a project this big. Write a list of areas you’d like to address, make a plan, write it down, and communicate it with your helpers. There are many ways to go about cleaning your office, like:

  • Start with paperwork
  • Organize clutter
  • Inspect furniture

Use the Three-Pile Method

Separate items into three categories: items you want to keep, things to throw away, and stuff that can be donated. Have three designated spots, bags, or baskets to keep organized.

Go Through Paperwork

You should recycle the items you no longer need. If you have a difficult time parting with sentimental items like kids' artwork, consider scanning it electronically so you can keep it forever without cluttering up your home.

Get Rid of Old Electronics Responsibly

Electronic waste causes pollution. Hazardous chemicals, such as mercury and lead, are found in most devices. These discarded electronics pollute the air and leak these chemicals into the soil when they are disposed of in landfills. Because of this, you can't just dispose of them with your regular garbage pickup. You can take your unwanted electronics to a recycling plant or call a company like Pro Junk Dispatch.

Replace, Get Rid of, or Fix Furniture

That wobbly desk leg is distracting when you’re trying to work. Consider repairing it or recycling it. You might be able to sell it at a discounted price to someone who would like to update it.

Rehab the house as necessary

Call Pro Junk Dispatch for Help Clearing Your Home Office

Please contact us to schedule a pickup of your unwanted home office supplies! Pro Junk Dispatch will come to you and haul away almost anything, whether it is a single item, decluttering project, or an estate cleanout. Before we leave, we'll sweep the areas we service to make sure your home looks as clean as it did before we arrived. We will donate, dispose of, and recycle your items properly. Contact us for residential junk removal!

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