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Cleaning Up After a Storm

2022-07-06 By Admin

Cleaning Up After a Storm
Often following a storm, yards are covered by fallen trees, broken branches, scattered debris, or even damaged lawn furniture, swing sets, and hot tubs. This leaves homeowners with a huge mess. The post-storm clean-up process can pose some risks, so take your time.

To help you clean up your yard after the storm, here are some cleaning and safety tips.

Inspect your home: Take pictures as documentation of the overall damage to your property. Make sure there are no downed power lines or hanging branches. Call your power company immediately if a power line is down. Power lines should never be touched.

Protective Gear: Make sure to wear protective eyewear and gloves to prevent injuries.

Patience:Most people want to get back to normal as soon as possible after a tropical storm or hurricane. Picking up debris and removing damaged items can take time. It might take a few days or possibly months to clean up your yard and home damage after a storm.

Repair Trees:Trees that are damaged are more susceptible to insects and diseases. To maintain their health, trees should be treated if they show signs of damage. Pruning damaged branches can help restore the tree. Remove hanging and broken branches to ensure safety and prevent future property damage.

Roof Damage:If you suspect any roof damage, call a local roofing contractor to inspect your roof and fix it.

Waste Disposal: Contact a junk removal company to pick up materials from fallen or salvaged trees or any other damaged items around your home.

Storm Clean up with Pro Junk Dispatch

Storm Clean up with Pro Junk Dispatch

There is no doubt that storm damage can be unsettling and devasting to a person and their family. In its wake, a natural weather phenomenon can cause considerable destruction. Storm effects can be as innocuous as small branches and light debris scattered around a building. Although trees can be destructive, they can also cause damage to buildings and vehicles. Let Pro Junk Dispatch handle the hard work and haul away your storm debris for you.

We are a local, professional junk removal service that provides amazing service and makes life easier for you. Our services aren’t only limited to storm clean-up. We also offer single-item furniture removal, yard waste removal, and construction debris removal, along with light demo work such as shed removal, carpet removal, hot tub removal, cabinet removal, playground removal, and bulk trash removal.

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