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Alamo Property Cleanup Do's and Don'ts

2018-05-23 By Admin

property cleanupWhen your property is damaged by natural weather elements or by another person's negligence, you can file an insurance claim to pay for needed repairs. One of the things that many consumers don't really understand, or even know about, is what's called, "damage mitigation." This term is a bit confusing, but, all it means is that you as a property owner have a duty to prevent further damage from occurring.

Property Cleanup Do's

Insurance companies, not surprisingly, do what they can to limit claim payouts. One way this is done is by putting the onus on policyholders to take preventative measures to stop more damage from happening after the initial damage.

Home insurance helps protect your property and possessions in the case of a loss. If you’ve suffered a loss, damage mitigation (preventing additional property damage) is one of the most important steps you can take when filing a claim. --Ameriprise Financial

In other words, if a part of the roof is ripped-up and leaking inside, you have a duty to try and protect your possessions and the interior of your home. So, here are a few helpful tips about what to do for a property cleanup:

  • Do--take preventative measures to stop more damage from occurring. Make sure to attempt to stop any more damage because it's going to impact the way your claim works.
  • Do--document as much as possible with photos, taking notes, and having someone else witness the damage, as well as the preventative measures you take. There's really no getting around the fact that you need to document anything and everything.

This is why there are do's and don'ts to property cleanup. So, let's get to a couple of more.

Property Cleanup Don'ts

If you are faced with a property cleanup, you shouldn't make any missteps or at least as few as possible. This is why it is so helpful to hire a professional property clean out service to get the job done right. So, here are the most important property clean up mistakes to avoid:

  • Don't--assume that you can increase your claim by allowing the damage to worsen.
  • Don't--accept what the insurance adjuster offers as a claim resolution amount. You ought to have a true third-party assess it and get an unbiased, professional opinion.

Another thing you should do is to hire a professional property cleanup crew, like a junk hauling and removal service, to do the job for you and help you avoid any liability for safety hazards by leaving stuff lying around on your property. When you need property cleanup done, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch. We'll jump in and take care of it for you, for a fair price.

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